What should an Engagement Ring be?

Discussion blog about what a contemporary engagement ring should look like.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Discussion: What Should an Engagement ring be?
Historically engagement indicates a period between a mutual promise of marriage till the actual marriage, and man and woman exchange a ring, worn by women on her left-hand ring finger, indicating her engagement to be married, her acceptance of the marriage proposal and a commitment to a future together.
These days an engagement is incomplete without a beautiful diamond ring which brings two people into a relation of trust, love, and a lifetime support. A diamond engagement ring and a wedding ring have to be unique and beautiful yet solid and durable. Diamond engagement rings, custom engagement rings need to be charming pieces of jewelry, they add value to good relation. We all should thanks to the diamond engagement ring for striking your heart with love as it is believed that a diamond ring worn on the third finger of left hand is very much connected to a certain vein of love in that finger which directly flows to your heart and making a unique space within itself.
The design of diamond engagement rings are continuously evolving with current times and its trends. It is typically a precious band, and mounts a diamond or a combination of diamonds with other gems. Current fashions for engagement rings are for a gold, platinum, or silver band with a single diamond. Unique engagement rings which stand out of all other rings which dazzles your eyes with its soft shine and the sharp cut of the diamonds to tear your heart with tenderness and love is an appropriate diamond engagement ring for every one and for every one’s beautiful relation.
Nothing can be replaced with a diamond engagement ring to celebrate this delicate occasion to offer the promise to be together in good and bad times with love, care and tenderness and have a flourished life together. A diamond engagement ring is just not a lifeless jewelry but it speaks a lot about relation in silence words between two people.